Flash Website Design

The flash technology has transformed the static websites of the yester years. The Flash based websites have enhanced the human factor of websites resulting in a much longer stay. This is good for business.

Codee Solution’s Flash based  designs are more focused on the user interaction, business functionality and navigation rather on achieving a pleasing personality alone.

Codee Solutions as a professional Flash Website Design Company has succeeded in creating high quality flash design that are professional, attractive and  achieve a higher visibility in the web space.

Our website design creates a highly interactive experience for the user. Our team of  seasoned flash designers and developers transform the most complex of requirements into a user friendly site.

Our Approach

Codee Solutions is a leader in creating both introductory designs for splash pages or a complete flash based website. We use state of the art animation tools to create dynamic flash web pages that leave a lasting impression on the mind of the viewer.

We understand the complexity of the flash design as it relates to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, in recent times, Flash files have been included as acceptable file format for indexing by Google.

So, that’s a good news and our talented team is fully aware of it. We strive to bring the best of both the worlds for you – A search engine friendly Flash website.

Our Flash designers are adept at creating eye-catching Flash presentations that incorporate sound and voice. These presentations can be integrated into a Web site to create a compelling experience.


What we Offer

Codee Solution’s team of talented flash designers will work with you to provide the best solution for your business, informational or entertainment needs.  They would also consider the fact that flash can have repercussions on download time and search engine optimization capability of your website.

The decision to utilize Flash for your existing site or to utilize Flash for a new one is made easier by utilizing the services of talent Flash designers at PureWeb.

Here are a few salient offerings of  Codee Solution’s Flash based Website package

  1. Our designers can integrate video, audio, text and animated graphics to create a truly immersive user experience.
  2. We have the relevant experience to integrate the HTML content with flash so that all of your site’s content can still be crawled by the spiders of the search engines.
  3. Our Flash design team is adept at creating captivating Web sites, CDs/DVDs, trade show presentations, digital signs and displays.
  4. Flash Banner Designs
  5. Dynamic Flash Websites
  6. Flash based educational material



  1. Flash can enhance the experience of your target audience.
  2. Flash helps you explicate a wide variety of concepts with graphics and sound via dynamic, engaging tutorials, training courses, introductions, and film clips.
  3. Some of the industries that may benefit from flash technology include architects, interior designers, and photographers and many others where there is need for more emphasis on visual looks.