If you’re like most people, once you’ve made up your mind to do a website, you want it NOW! One of our “claims to fame” is our ability to get you online quickly. Building a website is a complex, time-consuming undertaking. We strive to accelerate the production process, rapidly expediting each of the steps. Below we’ve outlined the typical website development process:

  1. Initial Meeting: We meet with you to discuss your website needs and identify your objectives.
  2. Proposal: We produce a written proposal that outlines your website, explains the work involved, gives a timeline and states a budget.
  3. Home Page Design/Navigation: We develop a design for the home page that establishes a look for your website. We create an organization chart that illustrates your site’s navigation.
  4. Programming: We write the code for the home page and inside pages.
  5. Copywriting: We create text for each of the pages.
  6. LayoutOnce the copy has been approved, we insert it on the site along with any photos and graphics.
  7. Check Functionality: We test the site’s functionality to be sure that the navigation is easy to follow and all links work.
  8. Site Goes Live: Your site goes online and is viewable by anyone who goes to your URL.
  9. Search Engines Submissions: We submit your site to the major search engines and directories.
  10. Generate Reports: We track your placement on search engines and evaluate your visitor traffic.
  11. Update Site: Add to or update your site on a regular basis to keep it fresh. And in the and we’ll Also, modify it to capitalize on trends identified in reports.
  12. Coordinate Print Materials: To ensure a consistent corporate image, create print materials (logo, brochures, ads, etc.) to coordinate with online image